When it comes to a business marketing campaign, is online really the way to go? Have traditional marketing strategies become obsolete? There is still much debate over the two forms of marketing and rightfully so—both types bring something to the table.

The bottom line, however, is to figure out which marketing platform is the most cost-effective for a business. In a nutshell, this means:

  • Opting for solutions that are more affordable
  • Choosing techniques that reach more people
  • Picking strategies that lead to faster and direct responses

For owners of businesses in Richmond, finding out which solutions are most effective and affordable is critical. Should they invest in search engine optimization? Can they handle the campaign on their own—or is it wiser to consult a Richmond SEO expert?

Reduced Marketing Costs

Digital marketing simply is the smarter choice financially speaking. Even the most experienced conventional marketers understand that it is impossible to outperform online strategies in terms of reaching thousands of potential customers with one post. It is far cheaper to implement social media advertising than to place ads on print publishing, considering how many more people online efforts can reach and how they can lead to direct action (subscription, sales, etc.)

Wider Customer Reach

Internet marketing allows businesses to send their message and create meaningful interactions with their target audiences. While a combination of both conventional and online efforts can give the desired output, focusing marketing energy onto digital platforms can prove successful on its own – especially if the target is Millennial and Generation Z clientele.

Ability to Measure Efficiency of Campaigns

Online marketing lets business owners easily measure the efficacy of their SEO Richmond campaign. Thanks to various tools and software now available, an SEO agency can make it possible to do the following:

  • Quantify web traffic
  • Measure audience engagement on social media
  • Know how many unique visitors a blog or site has daily, weekly, and monthly

Having online campaigns allow a Richmond SEO company to accurately monitor the performance of their efforts in real time. In comparison to traditional marketing, this is by far a better way to do things. It can be difficult to precisely track which audiences liked a commercial, which ones switched the channels, and how many actually read the ad placed in newspapers or magazines.

Better Availability and Accessibility

The arrival of smartphones and tablets has forever changed the course of marketing. Here are some statistical facts that support the efficacy of Richmond SEO efforts:

  • Four out of 5 people use smartphones for shopping on the web
  • Three out of 5 smartphone or tablet users take time to look at ads while surfing or using social media
  • An average person uses his smartphone for almost two hours per day
  • More people use smartphones than desktops when checking social media accounts
  • Among all marketing platforms, mobile marketing ranks at the top (beating television and other forms of advertising)

Fortunately for business owners, SEO services in Richmond are available to strategize and implement the most cost-effective campaigns to reach more people, gain a better online presence, and acquire better ROI. Okii SEO is a premiere Richmond marketing agency that makes sure businesses perform optimally on the web and on social media.